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  Dr David Kim has all the important attributes for an effective pain physician.  His background in physical and rehabilitative medicine provides him with the necessary overall knowledge for the treatment of pain.  This includes the understanding of the principles of pain, its many causes and its recognition.  Dr Kim has had specialized training in the management of neuropathic pain, a special category of pain, which demands special treatment.  From a patient’s point-of-view, he is an interested and caring physician, with a good pair of hands and who has his patient’s interest at heart.  He is a certified instructor for the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (iSTOP) and the Institute is pleased to have recently awarded him Honorary Fellowship.

 Chan Gunn, M.D.
       Clinical Professor University of Seattle
       Honorary Fellow of Peterhouse Cambridge
       Member of the Order of Canada
       Founder and President of iSTOP
       Developer of Trigger Point Needling


  Dr. David Kim is a physician who is recognized among his colleagues as a leader in the treatment of myofascial pain syndromes. He is an experienced and highly skilled practitioner of the Gunn-IMS technique for neuropathic-myofascial pain, as well as an ambassador to both the medical and insurance communities for its unique value to patients. Equally distinguishing, he is dedicated to teaching this treatment model to medical professionals worldwide so as to make it available to more people who suffer from these common syndromes. I have known and worked with David personally for many years, and can attest to both his superior medical skills, as well as his deep commitment to achieving the optimal outcome for his patients. I therefore recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone dealing with a pain challenge.

Steven R. Goodman, M.D.
       Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
       Clinical Professor University of Seattle


  Dr. David Kim offers a unique approach to pain medicine, integrating his comprehensive training as a specialty (physiatry)-trained physician with his study and practice of traditional (holistic) medicine. Having watched Dr. Kim work and having heard what his patients have to say, I would feel comfortable in referring any of my patients with acute or chronic pain to him.

Brahman Levy, M.D.
       Board Certified: Family Medicine
       Baord Certified: Medical Acupuncture


      “I feel great now... it was horrible, I didn’t want to live, I didn’t care anymore… It felt like I had a doorknob in the back of my shoulder blade… I’m working full-time now. Having a great time! Life is great!”.

  Paul Lalkos, patient.

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       “It was like I was given my life back... Before it was very severe, I was not functioning at a normal level”.

Alma Petitto, patient

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