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Pain Management Services offered

  Most patients have spasms in the deep, intermediate and superficial muscle layers. Dr. Kim’s treatment program is designed to address all 3 layers of spasm.

  TPN – using fine needles to break up painful muscle spasms. This is used to break up the deepest spasms and is the main treatment.

  Compression Massage – A specially designed handheld massage unit is used over the treated areas to reduce needle soreness and the loosen the intermediate layers of spasm.

  Manual Therapy – Gentle manipulation or myofascial release techniques are used to treat the superficial layers of spasm.

  All three modalities are generally used at every session. This combination generally provides the fastest and longest lasting relief. Home exercises are generally prescribed. It is often necessary to address contributing factors such as stress, nutrition, and abnormal posture & movement patterns which could compromise healing.

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