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 David H. Kim, M.D.

Using the best of western medicine and eastern philosophy to maximize the body’s ability to heal itself from pain.

 Dr. Kim became interested in Pain Management after his own experiences with severe chronic pain. When Dr. Kim was 30 years old, he developed severe pain in his low back. Despite seeing some of the best doctors, he was unable to achieve significant pain relief. This started a lifelong search for the best pain management treatment for himself. Through a series of events, he came to meet Chan Gunn, M.D. who treated him using Trigger Point Needling (TPN). Dr. Kim got better and learned the technique from Dr. Gunn. Now Dr. Kim uses TPN almost exclusively to treat a wide variety of pain conditions. Dr. Kim is board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R), and Pain Medicine. He is an Assistant Professor at MCP/Hahnemann University.

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